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About Our Organization

Over the past 23 years, The River Fund has become a significant 'one-stop' poverty amelioration organization in Queens with a client-base that comprises 40% children. Winning many awards for our work, we have been fighting the growth of food-insufficiency in New York though food-distribution programs, nutrition education and income-support and using several benefits-access and -enrollment processes.

In addition to operating a fixed food pantry, we pioneered the Mobile Pantry system 21 years ago. In recognition of this, in February 2012, The River Fund became the very first organization ever to receive specific accreditation of the mobile pantry model under the Federal Hunger Prevention and Nutritional Assistance Program (HPNAP)—an achievement that has benefited many communities across the country, and made a huge difference in the manner in which the aftermath of Sandy was addressed here in New York.

Our Mission, “to feed and empower those we serve to move beyond the lines of poverty,” makes us the life-line for 160,000 people now facing the Hunger Cliff created by recent Food-Stamp-reducing legislation that has decimated the federal SNAP initiative. Overall, in recent years, policymakers have increasingly attempted to balance budgets by targeting programs, like SNAP, originally designed to cushion severe hardship experienced by seniors and families with children.

Unfortunately, there is insufficient public awareness of this immense problem. Media attention tends to be more heavily focused on deficits and political gridlock over economic solutions. With federal, state and local officials desperate to impose fiscal discipline in the face of a national debt crisis, The River Fund believes the wider community must play a much bigger role in securing the stability of children’s lives today—even as the country seeks to protect future generations from burgeoning debt tomorrow.

Taking Poverty Personally!

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